I Wish I Could…

Consider this a wishful thinking post.  I’ve been itching to write.  I know, it’s only been two days, but it’s been a long two days.  That goes for today, especially today.  College is kicking my posterior.  I’ve only finished my first year, but I’ve already learned a crucial lesson: College is a double-edged sword.  It’s the most wonderful and horrible time of your life for this reason: You have much more freedom, and more than likely, you don’t know what to do with your life.  I’m fiercely independent, but I also adore structure.  Hence, my college woes.  But that’s enough whine (I don’t want to get drunk on it.), this is a wish list from a bedraggled, but happily dancing student.  I wish I could…

  • Truly waltz the night away with my special someone
  • Find a group of people my age that like to ballroom dance, too
  • Extend my leg higher than a ninety-degree angle while doing ballet
  • Dance more ballet (It’s still on hold… 😦 )
  • Start taking Tap lessons or ISD lessons, but both are stagnating due to lack of time and resources
  • Resolve an argument through spontaneous dance
  • Dance to some Big Band music with a willing, male partner.  (I mean no offense to dancing with other girls, but you really can’t beat a good dance with a guy.  Hmm, I believe I’ve said this before…)
  • Go back in time and meet my dancing heroes, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.
  • Somehow bring top hats and tails back into style (Can you tell I’m a fan?  I am not ashamed. 😉 )
  • Be a part of a flash mob, but especially a cool, dancing one.  Check this out!
  • Dance Viennese Waltz at some formal event, like a ball
  • Really and truly figure out Cuban Motion (*head meets desk in frustration*)
  • Dance just one dance with Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly
  • Hold my frame without being in tense pain
  • Do the splits
  • Figure out how Freddy did this without hurting himself, and how many takes it took

The floor is yours now.

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