Things Ballroom Has Taught Me

Besides the endless technique, steps, and variations, I’ve learned much more that I thought I’ve never learned.  Really weird things.  Ballroom has taught me…

1) There’s a difference between “tanned” and “fell-in-a-bowl-of-Cheetos”.

2) Corrections/tips from your professional can sound dirty in the wrong context

3) The more you hurt, the better you’re doing (and the happier my pro is…)

4) It’s perfectly okay to giggle during the “serious” and “love-hate” Tango if everybody else, including the teacher, is giggling.

5) Almost any location is prime game to practice ballroom as long as you have an iPod with the appropriate music.

6) Tails are probably one of the best, if not the best, aesthetic enhancer for men. *drools*

7) I may have never been in an actual dating relationship, but when I consider all the two to three-minute dances I’ve had with men, I’ve actually had many, many relationships.  (Yes, I do consider a dance a one-on-one relationship for the duration of the song.)

8) I’m perfectly comfortable doing things that most people think are very uncomfortable.  For example, the American Tango hold, which involves sticking your thumb near the lead’s armpit.  Or, just dancing stomach-stomach with your DP.

9) My guy-friends are awed at the fact that I can run in heels, and I’m thinking “You should see me dance in them!”

10) I may love dancing, but my feet hate it.  Every social, competition, or private lesson ends with them screaming, “Why do you treat us this way?!”

11) Make-up and dresses aren’t as bad as this Tom once thought they were.  Seriously, if it wasn’t for ballroom, I don’t think I would have warmed up to dresses.  I don’t think I would have ever gotten around to wearing make-up either.

12) The camera doesn’t add ten pounds–the rhinestones on your dress do!

13) I’m a physically modest person, and like to cover up.  But, when I’m in my Latin dress, the tigress comes out, and I’m ready to hunt!  Rawr!  Do not be ashamed of your inner tigress.

14) This has to be one of my oddest.  I’ve found that back-leading a guy is okay when he’s very new.  I’ve found that most of them are either looking at the ground to watch my feet, or actually let me lead them.

15) Sitting down at studio socials is strictly forbidden, and approaching your table to get a swig of water is barely tolerated.

16) Two-step is apparently my favorite dance and country music my favorite genre.

17) As much as I love oldies, I’ve learned to like pop for the sheer pleasure of dancing to them.  It still doesn’t beat the classics, though!

18) Waltz, without a doubt, has some kind of magical hold over me.  When I waltz, I transform from eccentric, energetic Tom to elegant, beautiful woman.

19) On the other hand, I seem to be quite decent at Two-step, despite the fact that I try to hide every time one is announced.

20) Ballroom is the only form of exercise that I currently take, besides some easy walking on the elliptical or treadmill.  If I didn’t, I’d probably be very out-of-shape due to my love of sugar.  Two of my teachers have concurred with me.

21) You can find ballroom music anywhere.  I’ve found myself dancing to Latin beats in restaurants, and in a place with oldies music, watch out.  Solo dance party!

22)  This is what I call the Ballroom-AFV Corollary.  I’ve watched spills in AFV and in competition videos.  I find both funny.  Hence, any spill is funny as long as it’s not happening to you.  It’s mean, but I admit to it.  So did one of my teachers.

23) Vomiting is apparently a real occurrence during some competitions (I’ve heard stories second-hand).

24) Shoe-brushes are essential for keeping your shoes in top shape.  What I didn’t know was that they are somewhat of a commodity, as it’s very common for people to ask you if they could borrow it.

25) I’ve sometimes wished I was taller, but heels make it possible! 😀


Five more posts to go until one hundred!  Whoo!

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