Why Dance Matters: A Simple Poem

Hello, my friends.  I just saw my friend Stef’s most recent post on why dance matters to her. It’s for a special project, which you can read about here. Seeing as my last post was a bit too long and a little on the negative side. I’ve decided to share a poem I wrote about this very subject. I consider my poems to be very personal, and you may take from it what you please. I’m only happy that you’re viewing it.


I dance.  In a fading oasis shaded from heat.

I dance.  And chivalry’s fragile heart still beats.

I dance.  The Father smiles at me.

I dance.  I’m who I’m supposed to be.


Hope is fragile.  Hard to kill.

Though weary, it lingers still.

For the curious, this is the notebook that contains all my poetry. It’s very precious and personal to me, and this is probably the first poem I’ve shared from it.


The floor is yours now.

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