Visions of the Number Three

As promised yesterday, I come bearing a new post for my readers to, well, read.  I’ve already told y’all (Can you tell I’m from the South?) about my dance fantasies in my “Star-gazer” series.  While those goals are tantalizingly close mentally, they seem quite far now.  I have college to get through, a job to find, and a whole heap of other issues I have to work through like every other human being out there.  That, being said, I’d like to tell y’all about  my more reachable goal.  Hence, my visions of the number three.

By “number three”, I mean Bronze III.  For those that don’t know, after you finish your Foundation program, you have the option to work your way up the dancing ranks.  There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  And, each level has four sub-levels one must test out of before advancing (That’s the best understanding of it, so don’t quote me).  I tested out of Bronze I after a good year of dancing in February.  It’s July now, so I’ve been a Bronze II for five months now.  Unfortunately, because of my blasted hiatus, I’ve only been practicing for three months.  I’m back, and doggedly determined to get to Bronze III as soon as I can.  What’s so special about Bronze III?  I have ten dances under my belt right now, and getting to Bronze III would add three more dances in the list of possibilities.  They are the Viennese Waltz (VW), Quickstep, and Bolero.

For the record, seven of those ten dances are Rhythm (Cha-Cha, Mambo, Hustle, Swing, Rumba, Samba, and Merengue) and only three are Smooth (Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango).  I’ve tested out of all of them, giving me plenty of options for competition.  But, I hunger for more Smooth.  Sure, Rhythm fits my energetic, quirky personality, but Smooth gives me an unspeakable feeling of feminine elegance.  (I’ve always had a rather dominant masculine side.  Had it not been for ballroom, I’d have probably never gotten around to wearing make-up, or slightly relish wearing a pretty dress.)  So, I’ve made VW and Quickstep my prime goals.  There’s nothing against Bolero.  It’s a sexy dance with a distinct rise and fall that sometimes makes my mind blush.  But, I confess, aside from wanting more Smooth, I have a rather petty reason for not wanting to do Bolero right away.

Before I confess my sins, I really want to focus on the positive first.  I tell everyone that Cha-cha and Samba are both at the top of the totem pole of favorite dances.  I really thought about this, and I’ve discovered that I was wrong.  My favorite dance is really the Waltz.  To me, a beautiful waltz is purely romantic.  Sure, there can be raunchy waltzes, but that’s not how I choose to dance them.  When I watch a proper waltz, it gets me to believe that love can bloom on the dance floor, and that it’s happening right before my eyes.  Now, that’s acting.  Personally, I think it’s harder to act like you’re falling in love with your dance partner, than communicating the fiery desires of the Latin dances.  I want to be able to express such sentiments, so Waltz, and later, Viennese, claim that top spot on the totem pole.

Time to get real now.  There is a reason why I’m choosing to reveal this.  I want to be as refreshingly, and brutally honest as I can on this blog without descending into immaturity.  If I can confront these issues honestly, it’ll make me a better dancer…and person.

I have a one-sided rival, someone who I’m envious of.  She’s everything I wanted to be, but am not.  She started ballet as a fetus (read: hyperbole) and continued into her twenties.  Then, she had to stop because she had to find a job, and learn to live in the world as a contributing member of society.  That’s all been settled, and she now dances ballet consistently with a very reputable company.  If I had the chance, I’d dance ballet as often as she, with some ISD mixed in.  On top of all that, she’s been a student for a shorter amount of time I have, and she’s already a Bronze III.  No doubt her dance background helped her in some way.  But what makes me feel the worst is that she’s a perfectly kind, nice person.  She’s done nothing, other than have what I don’t, to draw any resentment.  It’s selfish, I know.  But, perhaps someday we’ll be friends, just not now.  I want to get over this petty envy before I become her friend.  One should never compare oneself to others because it is a logical error.  We’re all so unique that such comparison is impossible.  Yet, I still do it.  Sometimes, humanity defies logic.  That’s okay though.  I know everything will be okay.  Who knows, I may become a Bronze III dancer before I know it.  When I do, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.


The floor is yours now.

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