This Makes Me Smile: Decisions, Decisions

I promise I’ll post that update on my dancing today, but I had to post this.  Call it a whim, or whatever.  My muse is extremely fickle.  One day, I’m pumping out posts like crazy.  Then, just like that, I have writer’s block for a week.  Please bear with me, and my, ahem, idiosyncrasies.  Anyway, I stumbled across this video yesterday, and emailed a friend this question: “Would you prefer a man who sings or dances?”

This actually has me torn, and the decision is not as obvious as it seems.  I love to sing and dance.  Believe it or not, I actually found singing before I found dancing.  I started singing in 7th grade, and I found dancing the summer before my first year of high school.  Plus, with these two geniuses, the decision is hard anyway.  My friend picked the singer, so I was left with the dancer (not that I was disappointed with that outcome! 😉 ).  So I ask whoever might be reading the same question.  Would you swoon for a singer or dancer?


*SPOILER ALERT*  This is from Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn, and though I haven’t seen it myself, I already know who gets the girl in the end (I research classic movies and celebrities when I’m bored.)  Let’s just say that the one left out wasn’t too pleased with the script.


2 thoughts on “This Makes Me Smile: Decisions, Decisions

    • I must admit, if I could ever find a dancing man to call my own, I’d be in heaven. But, singers also make me swoon. I think dance wins by a narrow margin for me.

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