Movin’ On Up: First Lesson(s) Back

In no way does this describe my feelings towards the more studious aspects of dance. It just made me giggle.

Please click here for a sort of prequel to this post.


Yesterday, was my first lesson with Nick since my break.  Actually, it was more like two private lessons.  I had one with Nick, and a group class with me, myself, and I (plus the teacher, of course!)  Might as well tell you about them both.

If I were to describe my first lesson back with DP in a word, it would be cardio.  Nick is normally a technical teacher, focusing on the intricacies of a certain dance or step.  We hadn’t seen each other for two months and two weeks, so he just wanted to dance.  Little did I know that all of it would be Rhythm.  We danced two Cha-cha’s, two Salsas, one ECS, and a Rumba for a cool down.  Phew!  I was in the best shape of my life when I was dancing consistently, but after being gone for two months, I was huffing and puffing like crazy.  The worst part is that the huffing and puffing began after only one Cha-cha.  Have to get back in the swing of things!  Luckily, I wasn’t the only one.  DP told me he didn’t have time to do any dancing while he was gone, so he’s lost some of his stamina, too.  It was only then that I realized this wasn’t just for me.  We were to dance under the banner of suffering conditioning together.  I have a Bronze group class, and social later tonight, so the exercise continues.  I wish I could report more on my private lesson, but it was just dancing.  I do, however, have another update for you.  Some of you may know, that I graduated from Bronze I in February.  There’s going to be a Medal Ball coming up soon, and I’ll get to go, along with all those who have graduated from Foundation to Bronze I, which they didn’t have when I graduated to Bronze I.  A Medal Ball is, well, a ball for those students that have passed their Medal Exam for Bronze, Sliver, or Gold.  I think there are four tiers for each rank.  I’ll definitely blog about that when it the time comes, and it’ll be extra fun because we’re collaborating with another studio.  Plus, my friend Layla graduated from Bronze I while I was away, so she’ll be joining me.

Wednesday’s group classes used to be only Foundation, so I’d often use it to practice alone.  Nowadays, they have “specialty classes” along with Foundation classes.  Specialty classes are just technical classes, and since I’m a stickler for technique, I plan to attend them regularly.  This one was on ECS, more specifically the basic.  In summary, the rock-step needs to be small so as not to jerk your partner around, but it looks bigger because you standing leg is completely straight, while your other leg is bowed out in a sort of triangle shape.  The triple-step needs accents, which are performed by bending both knees after the first count, and straightening them as you come out of the step.  (ECS is counted as one-ah-two-three-ah-four.  The accents are during the “ah’s” and last until the subsequent beat.  *am starting to think about writing a rudimentary music theory post*)  One should not hear the click-clack of heels whilst triple-stepping.  For underarm turns, the action of bending, then straightening the standing leg (the one that doesn’t come off the ground) helps propel the turn.  Then, we moved on to my love-hate dance: Rumba.  Cuban Motion is my sole reason for this rocky relationship, and that’s just what we focused on.  In very short summary, the knees help the rotation, not the hips.  The shifting of weight produces rotation.  Rotate, don’t wiggle from side to side.  Sure, it sounds easy, but it’s hard as heck!  I can’t really describe how to do it.  It’s one of those exasperating concepts that I just have to practice.


P.S. This is my 85th post!  Only fifteen more until I reach those triple digits.  Hopefully, I can blog those before my blog’s first anniversary in November.

The floor is yours now.

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