This Makes Me Smile! (Part II)

Ahem, I have some rather unfortunate news.  I seem to have caught a blight of writer’s block.  Seeing as how forcing yourself to do anything results in sub-standard results, I’m adding another “feel good” post.  Yes, it is more of Astaire.  I confess that I have been getting into my Fred and Ginger movies lately.  I should also tell you that I’m a millennial who believes she was born in the wrong generation, so any videos I show you are probably going to be “oldies” (eighties down to the Golden Era).  This one features Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby in their movie Blue Skies.


The best parts have to be Bing’s attempt at dancing, Fred’s subsequent reaction (*facepalm*, that’s a millennial’s way of saying hand-meets-face-in-exasperation), and their impressions.  Enjoy!


The floor is yours now.

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