My formal apologies for the bad pun, but it had to be done.  Hmm, I guess you could consider this my “good news” post.  Sort of like an update on what’s happening in my life dance-wise.

Firstly, if you didn’t already know, I am officially back from my two month hiatus from dancing.  That’s probably the best news as those two months felt more like two years.  The studio itself has changed.  There’s a new teacher named Sarah, and she’s nice.  I still haven’t gotten to know her too well, so that’s about all I can say.  Then there’s more domestic stuff like furniture re-arrangement, but for the sake of your sanity I won’t go into that.  The studio is also prepping itself for two formations which they’re going to perform at a DanceSport Jam in October.  They’re already begging me to join their non-couples formation, but I still don’t have a job.  That means no guarantees.

I found that when I came back from my break that DP was absent from the studio.  He had some issues of his own he was dealing with, and I was beginning to get worried.  This may sound silly, but I was afraid it would be Victor all over again because he left the studio permanently after I had gotten back from last year’s vacation.  Turns out, that isn’t the case.  His professional partner told me that things are settling down, and he might return soon.  I’m thrilled, and can’t wait to dance with him again.

This is all great news, but nothing that really brings rejoicing.  Here’s the real reason I’m so happy: A young man has joined our studio.  I know it’s silly, really silly.  But, I’m ecstatic!  He’s young (he looks to be about my age, in his twenties), not getting married, and there is some physical evidence he’s going to stick around.  I just realized I sounded like a desperate “single, ready to mingle”.  Most of the young people who come to Arthur Murray are going to practice dancing for their wedding.  A most wise choice, but they disappear into thin air, and I never have a chance to really know them.  That, and their significant other may be offended if I suddenly ask him/her to dance with me.  Having this gentleman that has no significant other (that I know of) means I can get to know him, and become his friend.  And having a guy-friend that dances is something I treasure.  As for the physical evidence, he’s got himself a pair of actual dancing shoes, rather than just loafers or dress shoes.  Most short-timers, like our engaged couples, buy heels or dress shoes.  These are appropriate footwear for dancing without dipping into the wallet to buy shoes one may never use (Ooh, I rhymed!).  So for those that are thinking about taking up dancing, wear heels or dress shoes.  If you don’t have those, wear tennis shoes.  Don’t invest in an actual pair of dancing shoes unless you’re sure you’ll be sticking around as they are quite expensive.  The fact that this young man has invested himself in a pair of dance shoes tells me he’s given dance some thought.  Of course, this is just conjecture.  I’d rather not assume the negative.  Unfortunately, the joke seems to be on me because I can’t remember his name. *blush*  He was at the studio when I came back from the hiatus.  Apparently, he was there for around three weeks previously.  My friend, Layla, told me all this along with his name.  I really feel bad about not remembering his name, as I really want to introduce myself properly.  Well, class is only a day away.  If he’s there, I’ll definitely strike up a conversation.

That’s about it for this update.  I’ll fill you in as more stuff happens.  For now, I’d like to leave you with this funny quote that really brightened up my day when I found it:

Feathers–I hate feathers

And I hate them so that I can hardly speak

And I never find the happiness I seek

With those chicken feathers dancing cheek to cheek.

(This is actually a parody of a very famous song.  What’s funnier is the context in which this parody appears.  It’s not to hard to find the answer if you’re curious.)


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