Star-Gazer Entry #2: The Heart’s Rhythm

L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle

Sometimes, I wonder about dreams.  They’re called dreams because they seem to exist just beyond our waking reality, but exist within our sleeping/mental reality (No, I don’t plan to get into a discussion on the metaphysical 😉 ).  So close we can taste it.  The big question is, “How do we bridge the gap between the reality of dreams and waking reality?”  There seems to be many ways to get there, but how to start?

Well, I’ve already established one dream: pointe shoes.  I have another, and this one is irrevocably connected to music, as is most of my dancing.  Here’s another question, “Is there a specific type of music that really moves you?”  As a ballroom dancer, almost all the music moves me to dance (with the notable exception of country music).  Still, not all music is equal in my mind.  For ballroom, the biggest movers are waltz and merengue/salsa music.  I kid you not, if I’m in a private lesson or group class and one of those songs comes on, I’ll start dancing to the song behind the teacher’s back.

This music moves my heart like no other.  It even goes beyond ballroom music.  That music is Celtic music, more specifically Irish.  I have a rather odd connection to this music.  I grew up listening to it.  My first memory of it is in praise and worship music.  For the record, my family is Christian and so am I.  Hence, the praise and worship songs.  Even back then, the lively and liberating sounds of Irish music resonated in me, and I would listen to them zealously.  This is where the odd comes in.  Out of all the music I could listen to in my formative years, Irish had to be the most eclectic choice.  You see, I’m an adopted child.  My mother’s paternal ancestors were Irish.  Her maiden name was Kelley, and she’s inherited my grandfather’s Irish-blue eyes.  My name is even rendered in the Irish spelling, making it highly unusual (I have yet to meet someone personally who shares my name and spelling.)  I’m guessing that Mom’s Irish slipped in, probably without her  notice, in her choice of music.

Later, I found out that people actually dance to this wonderful music, and I could add another layer of rhythm to the already rhythmic pieces.  That’s when I came across Irish-Step Dancing (ISD).  No, it wasn’t “Riverdance”* that helped me conceive this dream.  It was a combination of the music, and my former DP, Victor.  He knew how to ISD, and once I saw him dance to this, I was hooked.  It’s like making music with your feet.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  Unfortunately, the dream is currently on hold (just like ballet).  The reason for both has to do with availability.  I looked up schools in my city, but the only one available is over an hour away on the edge of the city limits.  I’d make that drive, but there’s several problems:

  1. The price of gas is sky-rocketing, and it’s getting painful to fill ‘er up even with my small car.
  2. My parents pay for my gas and are not willing to do anything extraneous with said gas.  Trust me, I’ve asked them.
  3. I’ve been wanting to get my own part-time job for a while now to solve problems like this, but today’s economy is making finding a job for an unskilled person like me a b!?@#$.

That being said, I’ve heard every wise advice giver tell me, “Good things come to those who wait.”  I have no choice but to do just that.  Here’s hoping the wait won’t surpass my physical clock, because it’s ticking every second.


* The proper term for this form of dancing is Irish-Step Dancing, not Riverdancing.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen these two mixed up.  “Riverdance” is show that incorporates ISD, and is largely responsible for its surge in popularity.  Just wanted to clarify that.


The floor is yours now.

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