The Relieving Return (Man, Things Really Changed in Two Months!)

Hello, hello!  I’m happy to say that I’m back–in more ways than one.  First and foremost, my two month hiatus from dancing is officially over.  Rejoice!  Secondly, I just got back from the family’s summer vacation.  While it really felt like two years, two months isn’t actually that long.  Gee, did things change at the good ‘ole studio while I was gone.  They’ve actually spruced up the place a lot more than the last time I was there.  My studio has a tendency to spruce the interior up with balloons and what not because they just don’t want that plain look.  The new balloons weren’t surprising.  What was surprising was the photos they plastered all over the mirrors from their recent showcase.  It was amazing to see my dancing family all cleaned up and ready to impress.  Though, I confess, there was a part of me that experienced some pain at not being able to at least see it.

We also have a new instructor named Sarah.  I’ve only danced with her once, but she’s quite nice.  In more unfortunate news, DP is not in at the moment because he’s dealing with some stuff family-wise.  One of the other teachers assures me he’s fine though, and I look forward to giving him a huge hug when I see him.  I’m extremely happy to be back.  Expect more posts soon.  Happy reading!

The floor is yours now.

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