My “Magic” Hat

You know, it recently occurred to me that aside from my sporadic “Say What?” series, I haven’t shared many personal stories with you all.  When I started out, I’d have never thought there would be so many darn quirks in dancing.

This story is all about a certain black fedora, just like the one pictured to the right.  I bought my fedora during my sophomore year of high school during a school trip to England.  I’m not a big shopper but I had to have this hat.  It was too cool to pass up, and it matched my hair.  Plus, I wanted to buy a lasting souvenir from England.  I still have that hat, which I wear on certain occasions like parties, concerts, sporting events, etc.

Who’d of thought it would play a “vital” role in ballroom?  Well, it all started with a Valentine’s Day social the studio was hosting.  For some reason, I really wanted to look stylish that day, really stylish.  I went with black stretch pants, a pink shirt, black jacket, and fedora to top it off.  I figured it would make an excellent Foxtrot hat, and I wanted to play around with it as I danced.  I walked in, trying to put on an air of chill detachment (which I  probably failed), and I was greeted happily by my former teacher, Victor, and his wife, Milana.  They both loved my hat, and seemed to develop an attachment to it right away.  The social went well enough, but I was exiting I was stopped by Victor.  He said he wanted to see “the magic hat” from now on at the socials.  Why not?

So, it’s now become an odd tradition for me to wear my fedora on Thursday nights at the socials.  Believe it or not, if I ever choose not to wear it, which I’ve done, I’ll instantly get questioned by all my teachers.  Once, I sported a white headband in place of “the magic hat.”  I wanted to see how long the teachers would notice the absence of the precious headgear.  As soon as the party started, the teacher/host immediately stated, on the microphone, in front of everyone, “Hey, where’s the hat, Alaina?”  I couldn’t breathe for a while after that.

Victor may be gone, but Milana isn’t.  She still adores that hat.  Sometimes, she’ll grab my hand, and lead me through a dance.  “We’re so cool because of your hat!  Cooler than anybody else!”  “We’re being fancy today because of your hat!”  Honestly, hearing those comments make my night.  I guess I’m not the only who loves hats.

My hat has mystical qualities! On a side note, I apologize for the horrible quality of the picture.


The floor is yours now.

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