On Priorities and Change

Hello, friends!  I’m really pleased to present you with my first guest writer: Emily.  I can certainly appreciate her certain perspective as she and I are both students trying to balance our work and play time.  Honestly, one of the hardest things about university, for me, is balancing my time wisely.  Emily realizes the twists and turns life gives us, and she adjusts accordingly.  What makes me happiest is that she still makes dance a priority, despite her workload.  You can check out her blog here.

I started ballet at the same age I started school. I don’t know why; I guess my parents thought it was a good idea.  I liked it. I liked the challenge, and I was reasonable at it. I moved up the grades getting reasonable marks until I quit at age 16, soon after passing my RAD Advanced Foundation exam. (Authoresses Note:  RAD stands for Royal Academy of Dance.) 

The fun was gone, and ballet had become just another stress in my life that I had to keep up with, whereas only a couple of years earlier it had been my escape from the world, 3 or 4 hours a week where I didn’t have to worry about homework, of friendship dramas, or boys…

I went overseas for my last year of high school, and for lack of a better way to fill my time and meet new people, I tried going back to dancing. I couldn’t get back into it though, and stopped after 4 months.
Since I have been back in my home country, the passion for ballet has returned.  It is once again my escape from the world. I can’t commit to regular classes due to university and work commitments, but I attend casual classes whenever possible, no excuses.  Ballet is part of me, I can’t ignore it.

The floor is yours now.

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