Late Bloomers Blooming Brightly

I apologize for the alliteration as it almost always annoys.  The flower to the right is called the Common Hyacinth, belonging to the genus Hyacinthus.  This is my favorite flower, not only because it has vibrantly beautiful colors, but for the mythology attached to it.

It blooms in early spring, which I also love, as I was born in early spring.  April, to be precise.  But, my birth is about the only thing I’ve done early.  It took longer than usual for me to learn to walk, to read, and I’m still late when it comes to the latest technological innovation, though I’m not too bummed about that.  My love of dance came to me at what most people I’ve met consider late.  I’ll admit, being a late bloomer most of the time bugs me, and I often wish for a complete do over.  But, I can’t, and nothing will change that.

This has bugged me the most when it comes to dance.  The feelings of regret are no greater than when I am dancing ballet.  When I first started, I was stuck with little kids that teased me for being eighteen.  Most dancers seem to have started when they were about six or so, maybe even younger.  I felt out-of-place, and even stupid for not taking ballet when I was eight, but I was too stubborn.  However, why not look at the bright side?  Perhaps my late start has benefited me more than I realize.

I’ve met two people in college that took dance when I they were younger.  One took Russian ballet for many years, and was en pointe for a number of those years.  But, she gave up dance for college and a full-time job.  My other colleague’s dance story is the same, though I’m not completely sure what school she participated in.  As far as I know, dance is now in the past.  She’s caught up with Honors classes, her friends, and college organizations.  Dance has become the past, but they’re okay with that.

I, for one, never want dance to become the past.  Even if I become too old to dance, I’ll continue to love it by watching competitions.  That’s why I’m glad I came to ballet late.  Eventually, these two people had to quit.  Maybe they burned out, or maybe the just casually dropped out.  With my late start, I now have the advantage of having more freedom with my time.  As for burn-out, dance itself has become such an oasis in my daily life that I don’t believe I’ll truly burn-out.  Sure, I may have to take a hiatus, like now, but my heart belongs to dance as far as hobbies are concerned.

Secondly, just the fact that I’m older is a distinct advantage.  My attention span no longer flies to and fro, like it was when I was younger.  As you get older, you become more coordinated because your muscles grow.  The fact that I’m older, I believe, will help me learn very efficiently.  I can focus to my fullest and the hurdles of coordination that little kids deal with are not a factor.  As far as I’m concerned, I just have to practice consistently and build the muscle required.

Honestly, I sometimes wish I could change the past.  But, I believe things happen for a reason.  What that reason is, I don’t know.  But, I do know that being a late bloomer to ballet has blessed me in many ways.  So, I might as well enjoy the life I have left, and not worry about being “late”.


The floor is yours now.

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