A Poem for Self-Confidence

Looking in the mirror, I shrink back at what I see,

This fearful, anxious girl could this thing really be me?


I look into my eyes; I see the pain and insecurities.

“Who would want me”, I ask “tarnished with baggage and impurities?”


Like a rain from up above, dance has come into my life.

It has provided me with comfort in the waves of daily strife.


But, I have to realize, through all this shifting sand

Dance is just a thing, and not really who I am.


Self-confidence it gives, in any form necessary.

But dance, to my dismay, is only temporary.


The dance floor is within, I must carry its joy with me.

I must walk with good self-confidence, shining for all to see.


I am beautiful because I live, not because I dance.

I am beautiful because I love, let this be my stance.


The floor is yours now.

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