Life DOES Have Background Music–When You’re Studying

It’s May 1st, and it’s my 60th post.  But, it’s also finals week for me.  Yuck!  Since finals are currently consuming my mind, they feel the need to assert themselves via a possessed authoress’ blog post.  Sorry.  Luckily, finals always seem quite short, so the agony will be ending soon.  I like to consider myself a studious woman, though I’d be lying if I told you that my inner lazy never wins.  In fact, it wins a lot more than I’d like.  Yesterday, I was studying for two of my Honors finals with a friend of mine, Ashley.  There was music playing, and I asked her if she felt she needed music when she studied.  She laughed, and told me that quiet bothered her.  You know what, Ashley, me too.

Know what I like to listen to while studying for finals, or writing papers?  Classical.  I am a classical music nut.  Not only does it have ties to dance, but there’s something about it that really helps me focus.  No joke.  I wish life had background music, sometimes.  Well, it does, but only when I’m studying.

In the midst of studying, I have found three theme songs for finals that I believe work splendidly. This one is my absolute favorite.  However, both this one and that one are also great.  (By the way, I am purposely making these links vague because I honestly want you to check it out.  Classical music is awesome, and I need more members for the fan club. 😉 )  Are you cramming for finals, or some other important assignment?  Here’s your theme song.  Oh, no!  My mind feels like it’s losing it’s grip on reality!  I must stop myself from going insane!  How many are left?  Sometimes they just feel like your worst enemies ruining what could have been a happy day.  Don’t you just want to get away from it all?  They’re finally done?  Let’s celebrate!  I personally feel singing. (I wish I could sing like this.)  My mind is in a virtual parade.

Of course, there’s always that lingering doubt?  Did I do well?  Maybe I know that I didn’t do my best.  I might even feel crestfallen.  That’s exactly how I felt right after taking my Precalculus final during my senior year of high school.  If it had come to mind, I would’ve prayed for relief, but I felt too bad to really think about it.  But, this too, shall pass.  Take a deep breath.  Maybe go outside and enjoy nature.  I love looking at all the flowers.  (It was hard to disguise this one, and I really do love looking at flowers.)  Just relax and let tranquility take over.

The day’s coming to an end.  I like to settle down with more opera.  My freshman year sure went fast, and I can’t wait for the Honors College to take more field trips to the opera.  Also, I really love music you can dance to.  Night begins to fall, and you’re getting sleepy.  In the end, I fall asleep to the lullaby of what I hope is classical music in my head because sometimes it isn’t.

Phew!  That was a lot of links to put into one post.  But, it was worth it.  Personally, I’m curious.  Will you listen to some of these songs all the way through?  I’d like to encourage you to do that.  That is, when you have the time.  This music has gotten me through many a paper, plus midterms, and finals.  To me, this is the best background music those cramped, working days.  Enjoy!

The floor is yours now.

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