Humor at the Barre (and Some Good News)

Let’s just say that I love the fact that I’ve found humor at the barre, rather than at the bar.  That is, drunk people tend to be more obnoxious than funny by my personal experience.  However, I’ve surprisingly found that humor does exist while at the barre.  Granted, it’s more sparse than in the ballroom.  Still, I thought (in my ignorance) that humor was nonexistent in ballet.  It seems as if humor is inescapable in this life, even in the most serious of places, and I’m more than happy to have been proven wrong in my assumption.

Most of these are just things I found humorous, but some of them are quotes.  However, don’t expect this to become a series like “Say What?” because I’m not expecting too much humor from this dance genre.  Still, I love the fact that I’ve found humor here.  It really lessens the tension.

From Adrian (or relating to…)

I’m not completely sure where Adrian is from, but his accent sounds French.  If I recall correctly, he is from Armenia because he’s talked about visiting his family there.  I’ll have to ask him sometime.  His English is quite excellent, and I love hearing him say ballet terms.  Just like, Victor, sometimes he has slight trouble thinking of a specific word.  That’s where my classmates and I come in.  For example…

(after iterating and partially demonstrating a combination for center)

Classmate (bear in mind that this particular classmate is around thirty years my senior): [quizzical, slightly exasperated tone] What was all that hoo-hah in the middle?

All: *starts laughing*

Adrian [clearly amused]: What did you say you said “all that what?”

Classmate: Hoo-hah.

Adrian: *begins to laugh* Oh, I have no idea what hoo-hah means.

*more laughter ensues*

I never noticed this until I really started listening to the music that was being played during barre-work, but some of them are popular songs adjusted in tempo for warm-ups.  I’ve heard several songs from Les Miserablès, “Love and Marriage”, and a song that Adrian refers to as…

“Isn’t this about Maria?”

He’s referring to “How Do We Solve A Problem Like Maria?” from Sound of Music, and it always makes me smile when he says that.

Contrary to popular belief, oil is not the primary fuel for America.  Caffeine is. 😉  I don’t drink soda, tea, or coffee, but I have my ways.  Chocolate.   Of course, coffee seems to be the main choice of caffeine for most people I know, including Adrian.

Ms. Beth: [in truly exasperated tone, but also clearly winded]: Did you have an extra cup of coffee this morning?

Adrian was particularly upbeat that day and decided to lengthen our center-work time, prompting the response from Ms. Beth.  She wasn’t very upset because she had leverage.  She vowed vengeance on Adrian during evening classes, which is when she teaches.  I don’t know her too well, but she strikes me as the kind of person who would make good on her threats.  In the same vein…

[class is nearing its end.]

Adrian: I think I need a cup of coffee after this.

Ms. Beth: Oh, no.  No more coffee for you!

I don’t know what it is, but good-natured squabbles never fail to amuse me.  Perhaps because my parents have recently been tapping into such squabbles lately.  Like I said at the beginning, don’t expect this to become a series like my ballroom one, but I’ll be sure to write a sequel if I find more things that tickle my funny bone.


P.S. Yes, there’s a reason why the aforementioned “good news” is in parentheses.  I originally intended to make this a separate post, but I was too excited, so it’s going in the post-script.  I’ll be returning to the ballroom sooner than I had anticipated.  The original hiatus was most likely going to be around months.  Instead, I’ll be returning sometime in late June, after my family’s summer vacation to Europe.  However, I’ll still be missing the local competition I was originally supposed to be in, so no pictures.  Sorry.  Until then, I would like to thank my readers for putting up with the sudden shift in focus to ballet.  I kindly request your further patience until I can strap on my heeled shoes.  For now, I’m sticking to flats.




The floor is yours now.

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