Athletes and Appreciation for Male Ballet Dancers

I rarely leave an author’s note, but I think this is necessary.  Just in case you guys haven’t heard, I’m on an extended hiatus from ballroom.  Life sucks right now, but I plan to pray & write through it.  You’ll be seeing more ballet posts, but since I’ve only been dancing ballet for seven month, these will be personal posts.  Happy reading.

This post is inspired, oddly enough, by a college guy.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know some  mature (that’s above-average for guys my age in general), smart college guys.  This one is smart, but he’s got the maturity of a normal guy my age.  I remember chatting with him on the subject of athletics.  He was justifiably proud of his running and soccer prowess.  Heck, I’d be proud if I was a runner or soccer player.  I told him I danced.  He responded,

Dancing is athletic.  But, I can guarantee you that soccer is more athletic than dance.

Ah, the ignorance of young boys!  Here’s something for all of you athletes out there, myself included: Be proud of whatever physical prowess you possess, but understand that individual sports are so purposefully different from each other, and the training differs so much that no sport is more “athletic” than the other.  Case closed.  (How can I be so sure?  Aristotle said so! 😉 )

That being said, I’m really, really awestruck by male ballet dancers.  Seriously.  I love Adrian not only because he’s compassionate and patient, but because I love to watch him demonstrate.  In ballet, the men are known for their dizzying spins, especially those multiple tours, leaps, and partnering.  I think I have to pick my jaw up off the floor every time I see a professional dance.  This is just personal opinion, but I think ballet is the perfect way to show off men’s naturally superior strength.  So, here’s to all the male ballet dancers out there!  You’re awesome!  Oh, and here’s to all the other athletes.  Keep practicing,

P.S.: The Aristotle reference is just me descending into geek territory.  It’s a facet of his logic.  If you’re curious, look it up, though you may be searching for a while.


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