4 Days, 1,514 People, and 100 Years

Before I begin, I’d like to refer my readers to this post.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the celebration at my studio on the 4th because college has me by the short-hairs.


A century ago, on this day of April 14, 2012, the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg after spending four days at sea.  The resulting disaster killed 1, 514 people, but 710 people survived.  Most that jumped into the freezing waters died of hypothermia within minutes, and just before 2:20 am, the largest ship of its kind split in half, and sank bow-first with passengers still aboard.  In complete honesty, the emotional aspect of the Titanic is far removed from me due to the eighty year gap between its sinking and my birth.  I, will say, however, that I cannot imagine the panic, subsequent grief, and outrage the world must have felt at the loss of life.  If you’d like to brush up on you knowledge of the Titanic please click here.  I may not be able to relate on the emotional level, but I can use what talent I have to pay tribute to the lives lost.

A maiden voyage with hopes held high, vision stretched out towards the sky.

Amidst the feelings of joy and cheer, a cold Hand creeps bringing darkness near.

The propellers roar, the loud horn cries, people happily yell good-bye.


A captain smiles, the destination near, the greatest height of his career.

Passengers settle in, comforted greatly, self-assured of absolute safety.

Night falls, watchmen fear, a cold object stares and leers.


The iceberg stands, looming stately, an alarm sounded with shattered safety.

Panic ensues, people scream, oh to wake from this horrid dream!

A hit impacts, the hull sears greatly, more screams resound, peace gone lately.


The cold Hand grips, darkness gleams, shadows lurk where light was seen.

Lives once vivid have faded to gray, there are barely words to say.

Oh, if it were a dream! (Oh, if it were a dream!)

The floor is yours now.

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