Say What? Part V

Hey, all!  It’s been a while since my last “Say What?” post.  Truthfully, these posts are going to be anything but consistent.  I’ve got to listen hard, and life is just generally busy.  Plus, this is a good series, and I don’t want it to spiral downward.  Without further ado…

Ticklish Teacher Redux

You’ll recall that I mentioned a ticklish teacher in my last post.  That was the one where I was first learning the Tango hold, and I was nervous because I didn’t want to stick my hand near my teacher’s armpit.  Because I don’t want to be redundant, feel free to look it up if you’re curious.

Luckily, this moment wasn’t embarrassing for me, as much as it was for my current dance partner.  We were dancing Rumba, and my teacher decided to be funny.  He decided to tease the teacher who was bringing out the wine for the legal adults for the social.

Current Partner (CP): *says some lame joke which eludes me at the moment*

Wine-Teacher: …

CP: Did you get because… *proceeds to explain groan-inducing joke*

Wine-Teacher: Yeah, I got it.  *Suddenly tickles CP for telling lame joke*

CP: *convulses with laughter due to extreme ticklishness thereby loosening his hold on me*

Me: *laughing*

CP: *adorably embarrassed* Yes, that really did just happen…

“Ambiguous” Ethnicity and Plans for Vengeance

If you’ve read my previous posts in the series, you know that DP loves to tease me about my ethnicity.  I’m Indonesian, but he loves to call me anything, but that just to illicit a reaction.  I’ve been called Indian, Greek, Hispanic, and even Japanese, but it’s all in good fun.  Unfortunately, he’s got another male teacher into it:

[enters studio after a busy day at a college]

DP: [really cheesy, atrocious accent]: Hola!

Male Teacher: Hey, did you bring enchiladas?

Me: *rolls eyes, but puts on devious grin* I’m gonna kill you both. 😉

Since Nick started this all in good fun, for the sake of said fun, I’m going to playfully avenge myself for his “mistakes.”  Don’t worry, I’ve got it all figured out already. 😉  I’ll tell you about what went down in my next post.

Uh…I Need To Go…

Little kids are adorable, and so is DP.  Well, we worked on Cha-cha today.  It’s Bronze II technique, which means lots of leg pain and aching hips.  It’s worth it though.  As I’ve mentioned in this post, its proper technique in the Latin dances to keep your upper thighs together.  Don’t ask me why; that’s just the way I’ve learned it.  Well, I was working on keeping that general area closed, but Nick was working on my feet as well.  We were working on our Cha-cha basic, and I was trying to concentrate on remaining of the ball of my foot while trying to transition to the finishing step while still standing with my heel off the ground.  There was one problem, my heels needed to be together as I finished the step.  I was trying squish my heels together, but it was still a bit confusing, so told DP about it.

Nick: *demonstrates proper position* Like this. *I copy the position*  Bathroom.

Me: *laughs*  So, it’s like the little kids doing the pee-pee dance? “I gotta pee!”

Nick: *Can’t help himself and laughs along*

Me: Man, I’m almost twenty years old, and bathroom humor is still funny!

Nick: *still laughing* I guess it still is.

You know, I’ve had a rough day today.  To be short, college is rough, and I need to amend my study habits that didn’t work this semester, but worked last semester.  I felt pretty miserable on the ride there, and I felt pretty bad before the lesson as well.  What made me feel worse was the fact that I shouldn’t have been sad in the studio, of all places.  So, I figured that this was going to be one of those rare lessons where I just trudge through it.  Not so with DP.  He grinned, grabbed my hand, and taught me.  It’s almost impossible to be unhappy around Nick.  He’s so genuinely happy that it’s infectious.  He’s done so much more for than be my teacher.  He’s my dance partner, but more importantly, he’s my friend.  I know I’ve said this many times, but it’s true each time: thank you, Nick.


4 thoughts on “Say What? Part V

  1. Hey Alaina! I love reading your posts. I got a good chuckle once again. Sorry things are tough right now….I know about that too….and, isn’t it amazing what a dance lesson can do? I just got off one after a long day and it changed my entire demeanor. Kudos to Nick. I’m glad he makes you feel better and is a true friend. Xoxo, Stef

    • Yeah, we all have those days. Hopefully things will work out soon because college is much harder than I thought it would be. Yes, dance lessons can be amazing. I think the physical activity and subsequent endorphins help, too. But, I’m a science nerd. 😉

      • I’m a Biology major in college looking to find a career in research. I’m not quite sure what kind of research, but genetics has always interested me ever since middle school. One of my hobbies back then was to research genetic maladies, such as cystic fibrosis. Proud nerds unite! *dons sunglasses*

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