Satisfying the Inner Fangirl

It’s another non-dancing post, but my readers should know that I occasionally write about things that diverge from the blog’s main topic.  Life is so much more than just dancing, even if it does take over my life.  This post brings back my nostalgia and love of music.  And, it was really my love of music that lead me to dance.  So, to business…

My family will be the first to tell you that I have a steady head on my shoulders.  I’m studious and practical.  In terms of pop culture, I’m a bit too proud with the fact that I almost never like what anyone else likes.  Taylor Swift?  No, too sappy.  Twilight?  Don’t even get me started. 😉  What about Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?  Believe it or not, they’ve just never interested me.  Blasphemy, I know (read: sarcasm).  Socially speaking, I’ve always been very much my own person with her own hobbies.  No, I’m not hipster.  That has too much of a negative connotation.  I’m just, me.  However, I won’t be so pretentious to even try and convince my dear readers that I don’t have my “fangirl” moments.  Down here in the South, it’s rodeo time.  Yep, it time for cool cowboys, deep fried foods (most of which are disgusting), and performances from the most popular bands in the country.

I’m telling you, when I first found out that Train was coming.  This is what my face looked like:

A bit about the band Train.  They’ve been around since the 90s, and I am a very faithful 90s music lover.  I vaguely remember listening to them as a little kid, particularly their song “Calling All Angels”, but mostly, I remember listening to N’Sync and this classic.  Don’t forget about Smash Mouth and “All Star”, which I’m proud to say I knew before Shrek.  It brings back happy memories for this millennial.

I love Train because they were a part of my childhood, their music is lyrical and meaningful, and Pat Monahan is totally awesome with his great voice and looks.  Yeah, you heard me.  It’s not a wild crush or anything, but I won’t deny that I think he’s very handsome.  I kid you not, Train is probably the only band I’d be willing to see in concert because they’re the only band I love enough to go and see live.  So, I went to see him at the rodeo last night, and it was a blast!


Mom says we have to get ready by 3:00 p.m., which I thought was pretty early.  But, we need extra time for the carnival or the livestock show before the rodeo, since we can’t do both.  Dad’s colleagues provided the tickets this time around, and I can’t believe they actually agreed to go see Train.  I would’ve thought they’d prefer Alan Jackson, or some other country artist.  Oh well, more fun for me. 😀

We decided to opt for the livestock show because Mom’s not the biggest fan of the carnival, and I’m willing to see the cows, pigs, and adorable bunnies for the sake of family.  Dad arrives at just a little after three.  Time to go!

The Livestock Show and Rodeo

They show cows, pigs, sheep, horses, bunnies, and all sorts of livestock.  There are sales, judging, etc.  There are also all sorts of saddles, tractors, and other equipment.  As for the rodeo, well, I have pictures for that.  A fair word of warning for this and all my other photo posts, the pictures aren’t the best, nor is the lighting, and I’m no professional photographer.  Still, I wanted to give all my readers a visual, especially for those who haven’t been to a rodeo before.

Check out those horns!

Time to start the rodeo!

The Concert

The highlight of the entire night was the concert, and to say it was wonderful would’ve been an understatement.  Pat Monahan was in top form, and oh my goodness, can he sing!  Some artists only sound good on the iPod and hearing them in concert can be a bit disappointing.  Not Mr. Monahan.  He sang his heart out, and hit notes that I never thought he could hit because he doesn’t really sing that way on the albums.  Of course, with a name like Monahan it’s really no wonder he can sing.  He was also very personal, and went down twice to run along the rails where I was sitting (Dad’s colleagues paid for some very expensive seats, and I am very grateful).  Who new a high five could be so exhilarating!  Might I mention that he’s aged quite well?  He was still quite handsome, and I had a big grin on my face the entire time.  He sang all his hits:

  • “Drive By” (This is their newest hit. It’s currently released on iTunes as a CD single. The album is coming out in April 2012.)
  • “Marry Me” (This was the song where he ran down past the rails to give high-fives, and the song choice was perfect.  He said, after putting on a shirt that said “Marry Me”, “I think I’ll come down there, and let you marry me. ”  Cue inward squeal!)

In addition to his songs, he covered Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.  As an oldies fanatic, I can say that he did both those songs justice.  I’m still smilin’ a day later!

Hey, soul sister!

You know, in all truth, it brings great joy to act undignified sometimes.  Letting out the inner little kid that gets excited about everything is amazing, and I’ve met one too many people who are adults, like myself, but seem to have lost their inner little kid.  There’s a saying that goes like this, “Don’t take life too seriously.  No one gets out alive anyway.”  That being said, I’d encourage all my readers to be an adult when at work, but to let that little kid out at all other times.  So,to all you soul sisters (or brothers), may your life be filled with love, music, and dance.  Ciao!


The floor is yours now.

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