Filling Those Shoes: The Mind’s Rest

A lot is going on right now in my life.  College is picking up and the family is busier than ever.  Plus, it’s not easy being a beginner in what I think is one of the hardest dance forms to get down.  Of course, it always gets harder before it gets easier, and ballet is getting really hard.  I’m not gonna lie: it’s a discouraging feeling when you know that ballet is once again kicking your buttocks.  That being said, no, I’m not going to quit ballet.  I don’t think I could every forgive myself if I quit.  I do, however, need to take a break from writing about the experience, and focus on taking down this beast.  I’m not completely sure when I’ll be back, or if I’ll be back.  What I do know is that I’m not gonna quit just because things are getting tough.  Hopefully, I’ll see you guys again once everything settled down.  Until then, may your life be filled with love and dance.


The floor is yours now.

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