Oil, Mobsters, and Poison

Okay, let this post be proof that I actually do stuff outside of dancing. 😀  On Friday, I went to my first murder mystery dinner hosted by the Honors College at school (the Honors college is accelerated academics, and it has a completely different curriculum than the regular college core).  The theme was the 1920s.  Here’s the synopsis:

On the clear, fine evening of March 2, 1926 the famous, and reasonably well liked, Madam Busby is holding a party in celebration of her retirement from the large Busby Oil Company. It’s a lavish party, filled with intrigue, tension, and anticipation as all of the guests wait to hear an important announcement to be made towards the end of the evening. Just as Madam Busby is about to hand the business down to her nephew and reveal the big secret the evening takes a sinister turn as one of the party members is murdered. It now becomes necessary to find the killer, and everyone is suspect.
Luckily, the college’s secretary sent out an email way before the event with a list of characters, and I emailed her back with my top three choices.  Happily, I got my first choice.  I played “Aggie (Blue) Alexander” an active suffragette who runs two businesses: My deceased father’s restaurant, and speakeasy with mob connections.  This is a character flaw on my part, but playing the cold-hearted business woman and being a jerk to everybody was really fun!  Oh, and the fact that we actually got to have dinner while solving the mystery was a big plus. 🙂
Now, I didn’t think I was any good at solving mysteries.  Riddles have always stumped me.  Do you know about the Encyclopedia Brown series?  I could never solve the mystery at the end of each story, and always had to look in the back of the book for answers.  Well, lo and behold, I actually got the identity of the murderer right.  It was mainly an educated guess, but there were little things in the evidence pile that made it easier to guess.  Of course, my absolute favorite part of it all was dressing up in 20s style because I adore dressing up.  That’s what so great about ballroom, too! 😉

Our dinner was pasta with two kinds of sauce and chicken & meatballs. There were also cream puffs and eclairs, but I didn't have any since I'm on a sugar fast right now. Boo!


This was my logic professor from last semester. He came as F. Scott Fitzgerald. His wife came as Amelia Earhart.


This is our murderess, Violet Parkinson. She seemed suspicious from the beginning, but again, it was more of an educated guess that I made based on what little I had found out.

All in all, it was a blast.  Going to this reminded me that I need to have some balance in my life.  That is, it can’t be all about dance.  It takes a lot to drag me away from the floor, but college events like this one are a pretty powerful force.  I need to make the most of it while I’m still here because dance will be there even after college ends.


The floor is yours now.

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