Taking the Leap: Imagining Where You Are Four Years From Now

Happy Leap Day, my friends!  It’s a day that’s been four years in the making, and I always love it.  A brief summary of Leap Day (derived from the Fount of All Knowledge, Wikipedia 😉 ): Most leap years are evenly divisible by four, which makes sense considering that 2008 was the last leap year.  According to the Gregorian calendar, February 29th is the 60th day of the year with 306 days remaining.  Leap year is derived by an exact calculation of Earth’s heliocentric revolutions.  We generally say that it takes 365 days for earth to revolve around the sun.  In actuality, a complete revolution takes 365 days and six hours.  So, let’s do some simple math. If a complete revolution takes an additional six hours, then every four years, an extra day has accumulated because six multiplied by four is twenty-four.  Therefore, an extra day is added to keep up with the sun’s relative position.  Of course, this proved to be slightly inaccurate according to more thorough calculations.  The real-time would actually be five hours, forty-nine minutes, and sixteen seconds (But hey, who’s counting, here? 😉 )  In order to compensate, every end-of-the century year is not considered a leap year unless evenly divisible by four hundred because the Gregorian calendar repeats itself every four hundred years.  So, the year 2000, which was when I was in first grade, was a doubly special year.  One, it was considered the first true millennium because there is no such thing as the year zero AD, and it was a leap year because 2000 divided by four hundred is five.

Okay, I’m done with my nerdy antics…for now.  So, dance-wise, where do you envision yourself?  Me, I see can some things.  Time will only tell if they’ll come to fruition.  I can see…

  • myself finally getting those splits, which can be quite frustrating
  • being a Silver dancer and loving every minute of it
  • being an adept ballet dancer, though I’m not completely sure in pointe shoes are in that equation

I’m excited because I have no idea where life will take me in the next four years.  In 2008, I was only ballroom dancing once a week in beginner’s classes.  Now in 2012, I’m a Bronze II dancer whose steadily improving her dancing skills.  Have a Happy Leap Day, everyone! 😀


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