You Know You’re Addicted to Dancing If…

Alright, so I’ve already confessed that I’m addicted to Ballroom.  It’s not just ballroom though, it’s dance itself.  So, I’m going to enable myself further by creating this list.  Ahem, you know you’re addicted to dancing if…

you have a playlist full of dancing songs, so you can practice whenever, wherever

the color orange is not a good thing.

you like to chaîné down long hallways just for the pure fun of it

Your entire schedule, be it college or anything else, revolves around whether you have dance certain days, etc.

you start tapping out the Two-Step rhythm on your car pedals

you go to your university, or any other place with space, early in the morning so you can get some practice in because there isn’t enough room in your house

relevé starts becoming a standard way of standing up

songs are no longer just songs but [insert dance name here] songs

every time a song comes on the radio you wonder if a certain dance will fit it rhythmically.

your non-dancing acquaintances/friends equate your search for a dance partner to romance because you really want a partner

the extent of your social life depends on the extent of your dancing

the extent of your social life is your dancing

you start practicing a different dance when your instructor turns his/her back (Guilty!)

the sentence “I can’t.  I have dance,” is used so regularly that it scares you

you never want to go to your college dances because no one there knows how to dance ballroom, and the jump-and-flail is not a dance move to you

you constantly adjust your posture/center whilst walking

your studio calls you and says “Where were you on [insert weekday here]?,” and you regretfully tell them that you had academic obligations

you almost cry because you have to miss your weekly social because of those same obligations

you went to your weekly social last night despite the arrival of the annual rodeo, and you mentally shake your head at all you dancing friends who went when they could have been dancing.

you’re seriously considering skipping your college organization’s end-of-year banquet that falls on your birthday because your weekly social is also on that day (Hooray for Thursdays!)

you sometimes wish you had a boyfriend just so you had someone to practice with

your idea of fun is to get in some solo practice at the studio

dancing has become a legitimate enabler for your sugar addiction because you’ll burn it all off anyway

you got all four of your wisdom teeth out at the same time, and were more upset when the dentist said no dancing for two days than the aching pain in your gums

the phrase “open your legs” is not dirty in any sense of the word

most of the men you know are associated with some form of dance

you’re willing to bribe a guy to go dancing with you because you recently found out he can Salsa, Two-Step, etc.

you’re talking about dance techniques out of context (consider the “open your legs” example), and people give you a look that says, “Just what kind of dancing are you doing?”

you just veg out in front of the TV on non-dancing days because you have nothing better to do

get excited because a Samba, Waltz, Cha-cha, etc comes on while you’re shopping

The floor is yours now.

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