Filling Those Shoes: Brick by Brick

Random Note: The title for this entry is based on a great Train song of the same name.

In my previous entry, I wrote that I believed I broke through the learning curve.  Everything had evened out, and the initial groans and pains were gone.  This class confirmed my conjecture.  My barre and center work are satisfying me at last, and I’m starting to get foggy glimpses of the ballerina in the mirror.  It makes me eager to have my first “magical moment” with ballet.  I’ve already had my first “magical moment” in ballroom, but I started pretty early (I was fifteen) considering I come from a non-dancing, non-European family.  Just imagine having your magical moment when you’re a late starter!

Of course, that is neither here nor there.  It’ll happen when it happens.  Until then, I just have to keep showing up and trying my hardest in a class that’s mainly full of advanced dancers.  I must admit that it makes me feel tiny and a tad insignificant, but I think that’s a normal feeling for beginners.  There are many, many things I’d like to improve, and these are just a few:

  • adagio exercises, especially my grand battement
  • frappè exercises, especially my battu
  • Most of all, I want to improve my pirouette because they’re just confusing!

There are some times when I feel like I’m just “showing up,” and not getting anything out of it but sweaty exercise.  But if my ballroom training has taught me anything, it’s exactly the opposite.  Sure, the learning curve has smoothed out, and improvements aren’t as immediately drastic.  But, that doesn’t mean there is no improvement.  I’ll get better bit by bit.  Eventually, I’ll realize how far I’ve come.  When that happens, I’ll be sure to share it with you. 🙂


The floor is yours now.

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