50 Wonderful Things: Dance Edition

Life’s been throwing me a couple of curve balls lately, and there are moments when I just want to lie down and go to sleep.  Instead of dwelling on the cloudy things in my life, I’ve decided to make a list of wonderful things in my life.  Since dance is among those wonderful things, why not make a list of why it’s wonderful?

1. It’s exercise, but most of the time I don’t feel like I’m exercising.

2. My DP’s from past, present, and possibly future.

3. Latin shoes, so glad they’re open-toed!

4. Heeled shoes.  Never in all my life did I think I’d become good at dancing in heels.  I personally think it’s brag-worthy.

5. The clothes.  Walking into a ballroom dance store is so amazing!  It’s like fairies donated their clothes.  😀  I feel most pretty when I’m in a Smooth dress, despite the rhinestones.

6. The music.  It’s so diverse that it boggles my mind.  I owe ballroom for leading me to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin *swoon*.

7. Tappers.  I absolutely love listening to tap shoes.  It’s a dancing goal of mine to become proficient in tap, even if I haven’t started yet.  I especially love these two.

8. In the same vein, I love Irish Step Dance.  I wish I could do it, but there’s no schools in my area.  I’ll learn to tap instead.

9. Impromptu dance parties.  What are your favorite jams?

10. Waltzing

11. Stretching.  Nothing beats the feeling of being nicely stretched out and ready to burn that floor

12. Compliments from your teachers, especially if your teacher is your DP.

13. Pointe shoes, my ultimate ballet goal

14. The musical Billy Elliot, and this song.

15. It builds those leg muscles.  Want to get sexy legs?  Try dancing.

16. It gets you more flexible, and to me there’s nothing more satisfying than that in my opinion.  I’m currently working on getting my splits and regaining my back-bend.

17. The fellowship you gain from hanging out with like-minded people.

18. The weird dance analogies teachers sometimes make (Got any?  Leave a comment! :D, but try to keep it at PG-13 maximum.)

19. Odd descriptions of your dancing

20. Overcoming difficulties you never thought you could through dancing

21. For ballroom, it’s a social skill, which means you can use it out on the town.  I can’t wait until I do that!

22. Competitions, especially local ones.  There’s nothing like having your own personal squad of cheerleaders as you go on the floor.

23. Making new friends.  My one, and only, friend I’ve made through dancing is absolutely awesome.  She and I can relate to things that my other friends can’t, like the shared pain of one’s hips and feet.

24. Plain satisfaction.  Whether you’ve just done a competition, a private lesson, or a solo practice.  It brings immense, indescribable satisfaction.

25. My ballet teacher, Adrian.  He’s very sweet and patient with a late-comer like me.

26. A nice, sensual Rumba

27. The show “Dancing with the Stars.”  I may not watch it anymore, but I have to thank it for inspiring me to try ballroom.

28. Arm styling.  Thank you to both ballroom and ballet for helping me with that.

29. Already made a shout out to my DP’s, but I want to be specific here.  Thank you Nick for being an amazing teacher, and for accepting me just the way I am.

30. Dance Forums

31. Tom Bergeron, the host of “Americas Funniest Home Videos” and “Dancing with the Stars” (It can’t get any better than that!).

32. Pirouettes

33. the Broadway show Burn the Floor

34. This is a direct quote from a friend who just went dancing for the first time over this weekend: “Dancing is humbling.”

35. Line dancing.  My favorites are the Wobble, the Electric Slide, and Copperhead Road.

36. Watching any professionals dance.  I get so sucked in that you might as well have thrown me into a huge drain.

37. The sensation of all your cares melting away as you enter the floor.

38.  Crazy dance clumps/lines at weddings

39. Dancing with ballroom newbies.  Most of them are just plain adorable, and a pleasure to dance with.

40. Personally, having a hobby that makes me stand out.

41. The physical contact.  I’ve gone from dreading it to enjoying it.

42. The grace that will eventually come with enough practice.

43. Solo practice sessions.  They really help me zone out.

44. Private lessons.  They’re just plain fun, and enlightening!

45. All of my teachers.

46. For me, bridging the generational gap.  I’ve established a good rapport with many people much older than I, and I love hearing what they have to say.

47. Shoe brushes

48. Chatting while you dance

49. Find new ballroom songs while listening to the radio

50. the Paso Doble


The floor is yours now.

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