Filling Those Shoes: What’s Possible?

Guess who slept in again?  In my defense, I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as I normally do last night, so I fell asleep as I was studying this morning.  While it’s disappointing, I have to take care of myself.  So, this is going to be the obligatory “goals” post.  Not really.  I was just wondering “What’s possible?”  If you’ve viewed my “About Me” page, you know that my biggest goal is to go en pointe.  That seems like a reasonable goal.  However, again, how far can the human spirit take me?  I’ve occasionally read inspirational stories of people achieving their dreams, despite the obstacles.  The fact that some senior citizens can run marathons amazes, and solidifies my resolve to reach my highest potential as a ballet dancer.

To answer that question, well, I’m going to have to attend more ballet and not sleep in. 😉


The floor is yours now.

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