Say What? Conversations from the Ballroom

After my last post, I figured to post something on the funnier side.  A quick word about the demotivational poster.  I truly do dance like no one is watching, but I am nowhere near photogenic if you take my picture while I’m dancing.  One of the first tips my first teacher gave me was to perpetually smile during competitions, even if it hurts.  I didn’t really understand it until my parents showed me some of the pictures they took of me.  Oh, dear!  In one of the pictures my eyes are widened to maximum circumference and my mouth is open.  It actually kind of looked like this, although to a slightly lesser degree.

I never imagined the dance world as humorous.  It seemed so serious and professional.  Boy was I wrong.  There are some things I’ve heard in the dance world that I never thought I’d hear.  Some of the conversations I’ve had are just precious, and cute.

Sizzling Fajitas

My first teacher in my second Arthur Murray studio, Victor, was Russian.  He spoke great English, but he occasionally needed some help here and there.  So, language was often a topic that came up between us.  I had just come to the studio for the second time that day for our weekly practice party and had just eaten with my family and aunt at a wonderful Tex-Mex restaurant.

Victor: Hey, where have you been? 🙂

Me: Oh, I went to eat dinner with my family and aunt.

Victor: Where did you go?

Me: I went to Pappasito’s.

Victor: What did you eat?

Me: I had some fajitas.

Victor:  Ooh, I love those!  I love they way they chhhh (He was imitating the sound of the sizzling meat as the waiter/waitress brings the tray to you).

Me: You mean you like the way they sizzle?

Victor:  Yeah, I used to go to this Mexican restaurant, and they didn’t speak very good English, and my English wasn’t very good either, so whenever I wanted fajitas I’d tell the waitress I want chhh.  Every time I went to the restaurant I told them, “I want chhh.”


I love to tango, especially when it’s with one of the teachers.  I was dancing tango with someone, who I will just abbreviate as “T” for teacher (because I’m lazy like that). He had a lot of force behind his promenade turns, especially as he whipped his head to the left in preparation.  It kind of threw me for a loop because he’s much taller and stronger than I am, obviously.  He picked up on this.

T: *Whips head dramatically* See, that’s my staccato movement in tango.

Me: Man, that’s intense.  You know, it kind of feels like a spastic double take.  Like, you see a pretty girl and “Oh!”

T: *starts laughing*

Honestly, I didn’t think my comment was that funny.  I have a habit of being refreshingly honest, which has gotten me in trouble, but we were both bantering.  Of course, his laugh made me laugh, so it was pretty funny in the end.

It’s Always Funny When…

I actively chat on a forum for ballroom dancers, and they often post videos.  Perhaps I’ve watched too many “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, but I got drawn to the videos where it showed some of the couples falling down on the floor.  They weren’t too serious, but it definitely stopped their concentration.  I was chatting with T on the subject.

Me: So yeah, I was watching videos of some professional couples falling down mid-dance.

T: *smiles mischievously* It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Me: 😮  I cannot believe you just said that.  I guess it’s funny as long as it isn’t happening to you.

T: Right. *smiles again*

Character flaw alert on two counts!  I confess, slapstick humor where everyone falls down is my weakness.  Turns out, he likes it, too.

Unfortunately, these are all the conversations that I can remember at this point.  If I remember more, I’ll be sure to write about it.


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