Magical Mirror Moments

Perhaps I’m biased, but I think wonderful things happen whilst waltzing.  Maybe I grew up watching way too many Disney movies, but when I think ballroom I automatically think of waltz.

Given this, it’s really no wonder that my first “magical” moment in ballroom happened during a waltz group class.  My dance partner taught the class that night and since he’s very technical, his emphasis was on our feet.  I won’t go into any long-winded explanations so to put it succinctly, we were working on leading with our heels and leg/foot extension.

I find the Rhythm dances easier than the Smooth.  They seem to fit more with my energetic personality, and I just find the figures easier.  I love the Smooth dances dearly, and it’s a goal of mine to improve my skills to the extent where I really stand out on the floor.  That being said, the most difficult thing about it is really extending my legs: 1) Because I’m short, so extending anything is a bit of a chore.  2) I’m irrationally afraid that too much extension will result in back-leading.

The group class went well enough as I tried to stretch my legs and feet without falling on my bum (ironically, I fell on that spot later in the evening during a line dance).  Pretty soon, the first waltz of the night came on.  I was hoping to dance with my partner because he always challenges me when I dance with him.  The party was unusually large that night because a lot of newcomers came; normally we don’t even have a line of dance.  He likes to dance with the newbies, and he has other students.  Thus, there have been times where I’ve wanted to practice a certain dance with him, but have been unable to.  Needless to say, I was pleased when he asked me to waltz with him.  What pleased me even more was the fact that he complimented me by telling me I had the best feet in class that night.

If you look at it out of context, it’s a pretty weird compliment, especially for those of us who don’t like feet.  As a dancer, it’s one of the best compliments someone could ever give me.  It was just pure joy, and I became more joyful as the night progressed.

I rarely look in the mirrors at the studio because it just feels weird.  However, when I looked in the mirror that night, I didn’t see my reflection.  I saw a dancer.  I mean, whenever I tell people about my hobby, I call myself a dancer.  But as an artist, I’m my own worst critic.  Normally I just see a student trying her best at something she loves, but to see myself as a dancer was a blissful glance into the future.  The night ended with what the teachers dubbed “The Goodnight Waltz.”  I didn’t expect my DP (again, that’s dear partner) to dance with me again because I figured he would want to dance with one of his other students, and he had already waltzed with me once.  To my surprise, he chose to dance with me again.  I could tell he was pleased with the progress I had made as we were dancing.  He seemed content and just happy to be dancing with me.  This, in turn, made me even more happy because I knew I had made him proud.

This is my DP (dear partner) and me after a local competiton. Also, I’d like to apologize for the bad quality of this picture. The lighting was horrible.

If this post seems jumbled and a bit haphazardly put together, it’s just that these feelings are really hard to describe.  These feelings are still with me, even one day later.  For all you hobbyists out there, I sincerely hope that you’ll look in the mirror one day, and see an artist reflected back at you.

I am a dancer.


2 thoughts on “Magical Mirror Moments

  1. Congratulations on your lovely feet. It sounds like you had a really lovely evening, you dancer you. I am also discovering myself as a dancer/artist even though I’m also a student. It’s a process, right? Anyways, I’m so glad I found your charming blog and can’t wait to read more about your ballroom adventures. It’s life-changing, ballroom dancing, isn’t it? If you let it, that is. -Stef

    • Thank you very much for calling my blog charming. I’m sort of new to this whole blogging thing, and I’m glad you found it enriching. Yes, indeed, ballroom is a life-changing process. It’s wonderful to hear from another student who takes ballroom because there aren’t many that I know of. Good luck with your dancing! 🙂


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