Christmas 2011: The Galapagos

Hello, all!  Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Christmas holiday! 😀  This post has absolutely nothing with dance, but I wanted to share part of my holiday with you.  I’m no professional photographer, so I apologize in advance if the pictures are sub-par.  Enjoy!

Nazca Booby (Sula granti)

This is a juvenille Nazca Booby.

This is a Red-Footed Booby (Sula sula). These birds have the only pre-hensile webbed foot in the world, so they make their nests in trees.

This is a female Frigatebird (Frigata magnifcens).

This is a male Frigatebird. That red membrane on it's chest inflates like a red balloon during mating season. It takes about half an hour to inflate.

A mother Galapagos sea lion (Zalophus wollebaeki) and her pup. Our guide estimated that the baby was only two hours old because the placenta was not far from the mother, and it was fresh.

A Galapagos Hawk (Buteo galapgoensis).

Of course, what would a trip to the Galapagos be without the tortoises.  The generic scientific name is Nigra elpahantopus, because scientists thought their feet looked like elephants.  There are seven subspecies, and two kinds of shell designations.  There are the Dome-backed and Saddle-backed.

This little guy is part of the subspecies Darwini. He is part of a captive breeding program on the Islands.

This is Lonesome George.

The floor is yours now.

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