Intervention: The Dance Edition

You’ve seen it on “Dr. Phil,” and other reality shows of the like.  Yep, it’s addiction.  I confess that I am, a dancing addict.  It’s become an extremity as vital and necessary as the legs and arms that enable me to feed my addiction.  Alas, what medical help can there be for an addict like me?  Sadly, no, it is a functional addiction.  I practice Cuban motion between classes, I stand on the inside edge of my foot when I’m waiting in line for the cafeteria food.  I constantly push my shoulders down and suck in my ribcage as I’m walking.  God forbid a Meringue, Salsa, or Samba comes on when I’m in the room.  When  I tell people I’m a ballroom dancer, they applaud.  But, they just don’t know how much this has taken over my life…  It’s what I think about when I’m in school, and what I think about at home.  College dances?  Who needs those when you can attend studio socials every Thursday night?  My name is Alaina Urbantke, and I am a Ballroom addict.


If you have any tips for this junkie, feel free to say so.  Hopefully I’ll be on the road to recovery very soon.


The floor is yours now.

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