Filling Those Shoes: The Chagrined Sleepy Edition

I am very much chagrined at this point as I seem to have slept in and missed my weekly class.  Oops.  Normally, I get up a little after eight in the morning, but not today.  As much as I loathe them, I’ll set an alarm, so this won’t happen again.

This was the last class of the year, so I don’t feel too terrible for missing it.  Plus, Adrian is considering moving the class to 9:30 am instead of 9:00 am due to the very humorous and vocal complaints from one of my classmates, who also happens to teach at the studio as well.  I vividly recall her vowing vengeance against Adrian come evening classes, since she teaches evenings.

Since there’s nothing to report progress-wise, I might as well use the space I have to tell you about the class.

It occurs every Wednesday, and let me tell you, I love it.  Getting early morning exercise has never been so much fun–or hard.  Odd as it may sound, this college student has become a bit of an early riser (those 8:00 am Tuesday/Thursday classes I took during the fall semester seem to contribute to this).  I’ve found that using ballet to wake up is an excellent way to start the day.  Plus, it’s forming healthy habits.

As for the class itself, it has its rules just like every other class.  For those of you who aren’t aware, ballet is extremely disciplined in everything it does.  Studios typically have these rules:

  • For girls, the hair must be in a bun.  Long ponytails plus any sort of spin equals hair whip on face.  Ouch.  For people who prefer to keep their hair short, like myself, a headband or scrunchie is okay.  I typically go with both.
  • A solid colored leotard and pink ballet tights are the only acceptable attire
  • Be punctual

I could go on but the rest are typical rules you’d expect in any class rooms such as the obvious “respect-the-teacher” rule.  Luckily, this class is designed more towards hobby dancers, and is not really affiliated with the school in a professional sense, so the rules are loosened.  Most of the women in my class are much older than me, and they’re clearly danced ballet for quite some time.  My guess is they probably danced ballet seriously when they were younger, but now they view it as more of a hobby.  They’re a pleasure to be around, and much more suited to me personally than a bunch of little ones gawking at how much older I seem to them.  Of course, I’m the youngest one there, and I’m not sure if I’m going to sign up with the school just yet.  My heart is still firmly with ballroom at this point, so I’d like to wait and see how things go.

The class has three “stages”  I guess.  We start at the barre and stretch, which takes maybe fifty minutes or so.  After that, we stretch some more and move on to adagio.  I like to call this part “the-one-where-we-kick-our-legs-up-high.”  We mostly do grand battement, where we kick our legs upwards, backwards, and sideways as high as we can while maintaining a straight leg.  I can’t help but envision high-kicking majorettes or high school drill teams when we come to this portion.

Looking to regain some of her lost youth during her mid-life crisis, Marsha decided to try out for the local drill team. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find a suitable baton…

And before you ask, no, I cannot kick my legs very high.

Then, we go to the center.  If anything, this portion is the one that’s maliciously kicking my posterior, and I find myself sticking near the back near the barre where people won’t see my impression of fish out of water.  I kid.  I’m not that bad; I’m just new.  Hopefully, a day will come when I can venture more towards the front of the room and away from the barre.  I’ve enjoyed my first four months of this class, and I cannot wait to see what a new year of dancing ballet will bring for me.


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